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Do tree roots grow after the tree is cut?

Do Tree Roots Grow After the Tree is Cut?

There’s a lot that goes into cutting down a tree. While in cartoons it takes a few big swings and a massive tree simply tips over, the reality is much different than this. In fact, there’s a lot of science that goes into not only when to cut down a tree, how to do it safely and completely, as well as what happens afterwards. Have you ever stopped to think about what changes occur once the tree is cut down? For example, do tree roots grow after the tree is cut? We’re here to answer this question right now!

Do tree roots grow after the tree is cut?

A tree cannot survive without a healthy root system. The roots keep the tree standing upright, and they deliver essential minerals, water, and oxygen to the tree. Clearly, the roots are important to the tree’s survival. Is the tree just as important to the roots? Can the roots survive the loss of the tree? The answer to the question of whether the roots can survive after the rest of the tree is cut down depends on the species of the tree. Generally, the roots starve to death once the tree is gone. This is because roots receive all of their “food” from the leaves. Once the branches are gone and leaves no longer deliver nutrients to the roots, they wither up and die as well.

It’s important to note that some species have worked especially hard over the thousands and thousands of years in the past to avoid this death. Some roots continue to generate new life even after the tree removal! A few examples of trees with roots that will keep going after the tree is cut down are:

The sprouts from one of these types of trees might even grow into a new tree if the soil and weather conditions favor growth. That’s pretty amazing, although it can be frustrating if you want the tree gone! Another thing worth mentioning is that it isn’t only roots that regrow. Some tree stumps can regrow too. New roots can and do sprout around the stump. That old elm tree in your backyard might not be done growing after you had it cut down!

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