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5 Signs It’s Time For a Tree Removal

We all agree that more trees are a good thing. Saying goodbye to one of the trees in your yard can be hard, but knowing when it is time for professional tree removal is incredibly important. It is best to be proactive and avoid costly disasters by keeping an eye out for any of these indicators:

#1 You see signs of infection or disease.

You get sick, your pets get sick, and trees get sick! Just like all living things, trees are vulnerable to infections that can seriously compromise their health and structural integrity. A few signs of infection are if the bark is soft and crumbles easily, there are deep splits or cracks in the trunk, you notice woodpeckers feeding heavily on your tree, or the appearance of fungi. 

#2 There are large dead branches at the top of the tree.

Large dead branches up top, also known as the tree’s crown, can pose a serious risk to the safety of anyone or anything near your tree. If they begin accumulating in the crown of your tree, it is only a matter of time before one falls. Where will it land? This is a risk that you can’t afford to take, so it needs to be dealt with immediately. 

#3 Your tree is leaning at a dangerous angle.

If you notice that your tree has started leaning to one side, this indicates a serious structural problem that needs to be addressed right away. It may be that a recent storm has knocked it over. If you see this, don’t wait! Call our team of tree removal experts right away, before it falls on its own and land on your house or car.

#4 The tree trunk is hollow.

Trees are living beings. If the inside of your tree is hollow, it means your tree is no longer living- or at least won’t be for long. This affects the structural integrity of your tree as it won’t be able to stand up against fierce winds or pests. You’ll need to book a tree removal as soon as possible. 

#5 It is growing somewhere that is dangerous.

This could be in front of a stop sign, into power lines, or simply too close to another structure. The consequences can be severe. Nothing will ruin your relationship with your neighbor quicker than having a large tree branch land on their roof! Any time a tree is growing where it should not be, this is a severe safety hazard. Also, you can be held legally accountable for a wide variety of consequences. Don’t wait around for something bad to happen. Instead, take advantage of our tree removal services to avoid any potential disasters.

Don’t put your finances or safety at risk. Contact Land Pro Landscaping today! Fully licensed, insured, and bonded, we are the top provider of tree removal services in your area. Get in touch with us right away and we’ll be out soon to remove your problematic tree!

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