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Homeowners Guide: Planning a Successful Landscape Design

You want your yard to look magazine-worthy, as soon as possible. We understand that. Keep in mind, though, that planning is the most important part of a successful landscape design. Now is the time to do it! In order to really love the way your landscape projects looks when our team is finished with it, we highly recommend you take the time to focus on each of these three essentials items:

#1 Your Budget. It would be a shame to have to cut your project short because you run out of money. This is why budgeting is critical to your project’s success. Proper budgeting is more plain and simple than you may fear. A proper landscape design budget should balance what the project of your dreams looks like with what you can afford to spend right now. Those beautiful landscapes you see on social media or television are very inspiring, but you can’t let them make you forget what you can actually afford. If you want something specific and its out of reach right now, remember that large scale projects can be broken up into phases and installed over time.

#2 The Layout. Let’s go back to that dream yard you have Liked on Instagram over and over again. If it looks amazing on a space that is half an acre and yours is only a quarter of an acre, it will look cramped and messy instead of spacious and well-designed. This is why taking the time to really analyze the layout of your landscaping project is so important. You don’t want to run out of room or have to put everything together too closely. Not only will this not look nearly as nice but the plants may actually die due to fighting with each other for root space, water, and access to the sunlight. Remember, these plants are alive and need certain resources to thrive!

#3 Maintaining it. Landscaping projects entail time-consuming and backbreaking work that requires attention to detail to keep it all looking fantastic. Don’t worry; we can help with this part too! We have a team to plan out and install your new landscaping, and afterwards we’ll send a team out to maintain this beautiful new space. Your new yard is going to be beautiful, but it’s going to take regular mowing, trimming, and weeding to keep it that way. It would be a shame to put time and money into something that doesn’t stay in top condition. 

All of your landscaping needs can be met by the experienced team at Land Pro. Our landscape services are available to both commercial and residential properties. We are a full landscape and tree service. In order to begin the exciting planning phase of your future landscaping project, contact us by emailing or calling (330) 801-5657. Let’s get started!

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