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Maintaining your trees is both time-consuming and labor-intensive. Additionally, tree maintenance can be quite dangerous. Not only does the maintenance of your tree affect curbside appeal and the market value of your property. A diseased tree can also affect neighboring plant life and runs the risk of damaging nearby property. For better or worse, the health of your trees has an effect on turf grass, shrubbery, gardens, and an unstable tree can damage adjacent structures and injure passersby.

That is why it is important to call on the expertise of professionals like Land Pro Landscaping & Tree Services. We offer renowned tree trimming in Tallmadge area. Our tree experts provide quality customer service, utilize specialized equipment, and can provide the removal of unwanted or hazardous trees from your yard space. As part of our tree maintenance services, we can remove large dangerous limbs, and we provide tree thinning and reduction for renovation projects, in addition to regular shrub maintenance.

At Land Pro Landscaping & Tree Services, our arborists do not lop off branches and cut down trees randomly. We recognize the uniqueness of every property, which is why we deliver personalized solutions for each service. Our arborists can evaluate the size of the property, the health and growth of the tree, and determine the best possible solution from there. A tree that is diseased, for example, does not necessary have to be removed entirely. We can evaluate where the disease is located, and removed limbs accordingly.

Whether your endeavors are merely visual or call for immediate removal, look no further than to our tree maintenance services at Land Pro Landscaping & Tree Services. We provide tree transplanting and ornamental trimming to improve the look and market value of your property. Additionally, we clean up our mess and leave the area better than we found it.

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Risk Assessment:

Our thorough tree risk assessments can help in creating a plan of action to better understand which trees need pruning, cabling / bracing and removal. It is also used as a guide to better understand the overall health and which trees can be an asset to your property.


This service can help trees that have weak limbs that are prone to breaking in high winds and helping distribute weight throughout to make it more stable. Usually this requires selective pruning to lessen tip weight. When getting this service it must be periodically inspected to ensure integrity.

Stump Grinding:

When the tree is removed we always cut it close to the ground as possible, but there is always a stump left. Leave it to us to grind the stump “big or small we’ll get it all”.

Lot Clearing:

If you need a lot of trees and brush removed we have a variety of equipment and knowledge to handle your demanding needs.

Wooded Area Cleanup:

Cleaning up your wooded area can provide a new level of aesthetic appeal to your property. We can remove rotten undesirable trees, vines, undergrowth & thin out to promote good health for years to come.

Maintenance Programs:

These programs are a great way to make sure your initial investment pays off. After you have had an assessment and the proper actions taken, then is a great time to schedule a yearly,bi yearly or 3 year cycle pruning to keep your trees in great shape, strong and healthy.

Pruning: Our proper selective pruning strategies help ensure your trees stay healthy, strong and add to the overall beauty and value of your property for years to come.


Removals are always last resort, but leave it to our experienced crews to get the job done properly.

Stump Grinding Chip Removal/Seeding:

Typically when you get a stump grinded you are left with a pile of wood chips. Not with us, we will haul them away and even plant grass. (extra charge does apply)

Crane Work

At Landpro Landscaping & Tree we offer our customers this service for storm damaged trees that are unsafe to climb or have difficult access. It is also helpful in situations where trees may be inaccessible or to big to safely rig down with conventional ropes & blocks.

Small Area Clearing:

If you are clearing an area for a storage shed, pool, garage, parking, addition or other small area. Landpro Landscaping & Tree can assist you with removing the trees that are in the way.

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