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5 Lawn Care Tips for Beginners

Whether you finally bought your first house or you’ve been a homeowner for a while and never took interest in doing your own lawn care until now, you’ve recently decided it is time you learn some lawn care tips. Great! Your yard goes a long way toward how your home looks, and how much it is worth. It’s also important to keep up with your yard for safety reasons. With that in mind, it isn’t complicated to keep it looking great. Simply follow a few pieces of expert advice:

#1 Feed Your Lawn Yes- your grass needs to eat just like you do! It will look greener and healthier if you do. Use a product that contains food, moss control, and herbicides. Experts recommend feeding at six to eight week intervals during the summer for the best results.

#2 Water Your Lawn Your lawn needs water to be able to grow healthy. This one you probably already knew, but do you know how to do it correctly? Your lawn needs at least one inch of water a week. Our experts recommend that you water your lawn at least 60 minutes a week. Sprinkler systems are a great idea, because they allow you to program the days when you are going to water your grass.

#3 Mow your Lawn in The Right Way You know how getting a haircut makes your hair look healthier, stronger, and better? The same goes for your grass! Mowing is one of the best ways to promote grass growth. Do not cut the grass if it is wet, as it can cause an uneven cut. Remember to be careful or you will damage your lawn. You want to cut ⅓ from the top.

#4 Fight Lawn Weeds While they may be green, weeds certainly are not grass and not something you want in your lawn. The first thing you have to do is identify the type of grass you have planted. Then you should look for a pest control product that suits your type of lawn. Crabgrass is a common weed that invades lawns that are thin, weak and undernourished. You may also notice Dandelions, Quackgrass, Bindweed, and Broadleaf Plantain. Tackle these as soon as you notice them.

#5 Fill Bare Patches If you leave bare patches, they won’t be bare for long- they’ll be filled in with weeds! Instead of letting weeds get a foothold in your lawn, it’s best to reseed the area. Rake the area, loosen the soil, add several inches of compost or rich soil, spread the seeds, and then water it. Soon, grass will grow in!

If you need help with any of this, that’s okay too. Land Pro Landscaping is here for you! Give us a call at (330) 801-5657 and let us know you’d like a professional lawn team in Akron, OH to tackle your yard. Maybe you just need a one-time service to get it looking right and you can maintain it. Maybe after a few tries you realize it’s best to let the professional handle it all summer long. Whatever you decide, Land Pro is here to help!

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