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Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Landscape

The Holiday Season is here at last! If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that this year, we want to let go of our stress and worries. It is time to spread cheer. How can you do it? You need to decorate! Spread all the Holiday Season cheer this year by decorating your home’s landscape. Remember, you are not just doing this for you, but also your family, your neighbors, and anyone who happens to drive by. The right landscaping decorations means everyone has something to enjoy!

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Many people consider bright Christmas lights to be “the” Holiday Season decoration. These beautiful lights are essential when it comes to outdoor decorating. Whether you illuminate your landscape, roof, garage, front door, or everywhere, these festive lights are sure to make your home look brilliant at night. If you’re shopping for new lights this year, we suggest opting for LEDs. Not only are they brighter, but they last longer, too. Would you believe they are actually a fraction of the cost? Because LED lights use about 75% less energy than the other incandescent light option, your electricity bill isn’t going to skyrocket during what is the most expensive season of the year. There’s no reason to purchase anything else!

Holiday Wreaths

You can’t go wrong with a simple, classic wreath made from fresh-cut evergreens placed on your front door. If you are feeling particularly creative and crafty, you can add some personality to your wreath by attaching your favorite decorations. Christmas ornaments and bird figurines are popular options.

Lawn Ornaments

Who says ornaments are only for the Christmas tree in your living room? Consider adding some lawn ornaments to your front yard. Purchasing pre-lit wire reindeer, candy canes, or nativity scenes are incredibly simple to set up and always look both festive and elegant. We recommend coordinating them with the rest of your decor, so stick with one color palette or theme.

Green Garland

Want to keep your electric bill low? Decorate with garland! Typically made from pine, these long garlands are perfect for decorating along window sills or wrapping around porch columns and railings. This is a simple way to get your home in the holiday spirit in no time at all!

Holly and Winterberry Shrubs

Shrubs like holly and winterberry make great hedges for your front yard. Their distinctive red berries add awesome winter color, and they can be clipped and added to your outdoor holiday decor as well. Winterberry is a spectacular shrub for adding some life to your winter landscape, because the leaves fall away, and only the abundant clusters of bright red berries remain. Winterberry also attracts beautiful birds to your yard!

Don’t worry if you feel you cannot handle all of this on your own. Land Pro Landscaping is here to help! Contact us by either emailing or calling (330) 801-5657 and let us know you’d like a team of landscaping experts to come spruce up the place. It’s quite possible that before any Holiday Season decorations go up you need tree limbs trimmed or other landscaping tasks handled.

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