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4 Commercial Landscaping Tips

Landscaping is incredibly important for commercial properties, like stores, restaurants, and office buildings. Commercial properties must look flawless with a well maintained outdoor landscape. An excellent landscape invites customers inside and increases your company’s reputation. The right commercial landscaping will make the people walking by or driving by to turn their heads to have a glance at your business property. On the other side of things, poor landscaping could be ugly and off putting at best and actually dangerous at worst. Here’s what you need to know about your Akron, OH commercial landscaping:

#1 Pay special attention to the entrance. An inviting and appealing entrance space is one of the most important aspects of a commercial landscaping project. You want to create welcoming and distinct access to your property. This can be done by using materials with different textures and colors and creating unique pathways to attract the customers. You will also want to make sure any potentially dangerous hanging limbs are trimmed away.

#2 Get creative with your plants. Of course you want to add different plants and color to your space! The best landscaping companies can even display your company’s name or logo using plants and shrubs. You may not want to go that far but you can always choose bright-colored plants which would be eye-catching and pretty.

#3 Create clear paths and walkways. The most noticeable parts of landscaping for commercial buildings will be the walkways. They are important because they are used as guides to direct people towards specific parts of a building, like your front door or patio seating. Your walkways and paths designs should be clean and clear. The last thing you want is people to walk through your grass you’ve been working so hard on. As well, having people wander around your property looking for the entrance heightens the chances they could trip, fall, or become injured by a falling branch.

#4 Make a special focus to control the pests and weeds. Weeds and pests are the significant problems for any lawn, even a commercial one. The last thing you want is for people to see your building looking overrun with nasty weeds or chewed up leaves. Always take help of a professional to get rid of the weeds and pests around your property. They will know exactly how to use the recommended pesticides to protect the plants.

Too many businesses pay less attention to the outer space of the commercial property than the interior of the building. When someone sees your company property, the first thing that they see is the outdoor landscaping. That’s why it’s so important to get it right! Those in the Akron area have the experts at Land Pro Landscaping to call upon for help. Contact us now at (330) 801-5657 to get a free estimate. Soon, your commercial property will look fabulous and will see more first time customers than ever before!


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